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What's Behind A Story to Watch?

For information about why I created A Story to Watch please check out my "About Me" section on my homepage.

Dear ASTW community,

Thank you all so much for taking the time to visit my page. In this post, I am going to share what the purpose of "A Story to Watch" is. Firstly, I would love to build a community; a group of people seeking to learn more about watches than what meets the eye. Secondly, this website is meant to cater to the people who are seeking information about watches but frequently get lost in the minute, oftentimes extraneous, details of the parts and histories of watches just like I did. And lastly, I would love to motivate the watch community as a whole to make "what's its story?" to be one of the first questions asked when talking about someone's watch.

My criteria for a blog is pretty simple: I have a list of questions that I interview someone with to gather information about them, their watch, and the watch's story. After I finish writing, I send it to the person to see if they would like anything changed, and once everything is good, I post it. I encourage anyone and everyone to contact me for an interview because it does not matter if you have a $70 or $70,000 watch, all stories are welcome. Thank you all for visiting my blog, and I hope it becomes a frequent visit for you and your peers.

Thank you all,

Max Brasseale

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