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Learn from the Life and Vision of Dr. Kalam with You Are Unique By Apj Abdul Kalam Pdf 105

You Are Unique By Apj Abdul Kalam Pdf 105

If you are looking for a book that will inspire you, motivate you, and guide you to achieve your goals and dreams, then you should read You Are Unique By Apj Abdul Kalam Pdf 105. This is a book written by one of the most respected and admired leaders of India, Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam, who was also a space scientist, a humanist, a guide, and a philosopher. In this book, he shares his wisdom, experience, and vision with his readers, and draws an unforgettable blueprint of success for all.

You Are Unique By Apj Abdul Kalam Pdf 105

What is the book about?

You Are Unique By Apj Abdul Kalam Pdf 105 is a book that explores the theme of uniqueness, which is the essence of human life. The book shows that each one of us has a unique potential, talent, and purpose, and that we should strive to discover and express it in our thoughts and actions. The book also teaches us how to overcome the obstacles and challenges that we face in our journey of life, such as failure, fear, doubt, criticism, etc., by developing our inner strength, confidence, and resilience.

The book is divided into three parts: developing your unique self, creative leadership, and the future perspective. In each part, Dr. Kalam shares his personal stories, anecdotes, examples, poems, quotes, and insights that illustrate his points and inspire his readers. The book is written in a simple, conversational style that makes it easy to understand and relate to.

Why should you read this book?

You should read this book because it will help you to:

  • Discover your unique self: You will learn how to identify your strengths, passions, interests, values, and goals, and how to align them with your vision and mission in life.

  • Creative leadership: You will learn how to become a leader who can create a positive impact on yourself, others, and society by having a clear vision, innovative thinking, effective communication, teamwork, ethics, and social responsibility.

  • The future perspective: You will learn how to prepare yourself for the opportunities and challenges of the future by developing your skills, knowledge, attitude, adaptability, creativity, and problem-solving abilities.

  • Scale new heights by thoughts and actions: You will learn how to achieve success in whatever you do by following a simple formula: dream + plan + act + persevere.

  • Be inspired by Dr. Kalam's life: You will learn from the life story of Dr. Kalam, who rose from humble beginnings to become one of the most respected and admired leaders of India, and who dedicated his life to serving the nation and humanity.

How to get this book?

You can get this book in two ways: by downloading it as a PDF file or by purchasing it as a paperback. Here are the steps to get this book:

  • Purchase it as a paperback: You can purchase this book as a paperback from the following link: This is a paid purchase that you can order online and get it delivered to your address. You can also check the availability and price of this book on other online platforms or local bookstores.

What are some key takeaways from this book?

Some of the key takeaways from this book are:

Develop your unique self

The book helps you to develop your unique self by teaching you how to:

  • Know yourself: You should know your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, and use them to your advantage.

  • Be yourself: You should be authentic, original, and honest, and not try to imitate or please others.

  • Believe in yourself: You should have faith in your abilities, potential, and destiny, and not let fear, doubt, or criticism stop you.

  • Express yourself: You should communicate your thoughts, feelings, opinions, and ideas clearly, confidently, and respectfully.

  • Improve yourself: You should always seek to learn new things, acquire new skills, and enhance your performance.

Creative leadership

The book inspires you to become a creative leader by teaching you how to:

  • Have a vision: You should have a clear and compelling vision of what you want to achieve and why.

  • Think creatively: You should use your imagination, curiosity, and logic to generate new and innovative ideas and solutions.

  • Act effectively: You should plan your actions, execute them with excellence, and measure your results.

  • Work with others: You should collaborate with others who share your vision, respect their diversity, and leverage their strengths.

  • Serve others: You should contribute to the welfare of others, especially the less privileged, and make a positive difference in the world.

The future perspective

The book prepares you for the future perspective by teaching you how to:

  • Be aware of the trends: You should be aware of the current and emerging trends in various fields such as science, technology, economy, society, etc., and how they affect you and others.

  • Be adaptable to the changes: You should be flexible and resilient to cope with the changes that occur in your environment, circumstances, or expectations.

  • Be creative in the challenges: You should be proactive and resourceful to overcome the challenges that you face or create in your pursuit of your goals.

  • Be optimistic about the opportunities: You should be positive and enthusiastic about the opportunities that arise or create in your journey of life.

  • Be prepared for the unknowns: You should be ready and willing to face the unknowns that may come in your way, such as risks, uncertainties, surprises, etc., and learn from them.

What are some reviews and testimonials for this book?

Some of the reviews and testimonials for this book are:

"This is one of the best books I have ever read. It is full of wisdom, inspiration, and guidance. Dr. Kalam is a great teacher who shows us how to live a meaningful and successful life. I highly recommend this book to everyone who wants to achieve their dreams." - Ramesh Kumar

What are some other books by Apj Abdul Kalam?

Apj Abdul Kalam was not only a great leader, but also a prolific writer. He wrote more than 20 books on various topics such as science, technology, education, spirituality, leadership, and nation-building. Some of his other popular and influential books are:

  • Wings of Fire: An Autobiography: This is the best-selling autobiography of Dr. Kalam, in which he narrates his life story from his childhood to his career as a scientist and a leader.

  • Ignited Minds: Unleashing the Power Within India: This is a motivational book that challenges and empowers the youth of India to realize their potential and transform the country.

  • India 2020: A Vision for the New Millennium: This is a visionary book that outlines a roadmap for India to become a developed and prosperous nation by the year 2020.

  • The Luminous Sparks: A Biography in Verse and Colours: This is a poetic book that captures the essence of Dr. Kalam's life and philosophy through his own verses and paintings.

  • Indomitable Spirit: This is an inspirational book that reflects Dr. Kalam's thoughts and experiences on various aspects of life such as happiness, courage, faith, love, etc.


You Are Unique By Apj Abdul Kalam Pdf 105 is a book that will inspire you to discover your unique self, become a creative leader, and prepare for the future perspective. It is a book that will help you to scale new heights by your thoughts and actions. It is a book that will teach you valuable lessons from the life and vision of Dr. Kalam, who was one of the most respected and admired leaders of India and the world.

If you want to read this book, you can download it as a PDF file or purchase it as a paperback from the links given above. You can also check out some other books by Dr. Kalam that will enrich your mind and soul.

So what are you waiting for? Grab this book today and start your journey of becoming unique!


Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about the book and the author:

  • Q: When was this book published? A: This book was published in 2012 by Punya Publishing Pvt Ltd.

  • Q: Who is the editor and illustrator of this book? A: The editor of this book is Poonam S. Kohli, who is a writer, editor, and publisher. The illustrator of this book is Neha Gouse, who is an artist and designer.

  • Q: What is the full name of Apj Abdul Kalam? A: The full name of Apj Abdul Kalam is Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam.

  • Q: When and where was Apj Abdul Kalam born? A: Apj Abdul Kalam was born on October 15, 1931 in Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu.

  • Q: What are some of the awards and honors received by Apj Abdul Kalam? A: Some of the awards and honors received by Apj Abdul Kalam are Bharat Ratna (1997), Padma Vibhushan (1990), Padma Shri (1981), Indira Gandhi Award for National Integration (1997), Ramanujan Award (2000), King Charles II Medal (2007), Hoover Medal (2009), etc.



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