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Buy Canon 80d Body Only

None of the enhanced things about 7d2 seem to address any of your uses. None of the things you shoot require fast autofocus. The extra durability is perhaps nice but unless you have weathersealed lenses you don't really get the benefit of a weathersealed body. Frame rate is a non-issue for your uses.

buy canon 80d body only

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Available since March 2016, the Canon 80D sells body-only for an estimated retail price of US$1,199, with the EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM kit lens for US$1,349, or with the new EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM kit lens for US$1,799.

Featuring a body sealed against dust and moisture, the 80D has a polycarbonate exterior and magnesium alloy chassis. It is nearly identical in design to its predecessor, with the majority of controls accessible via the articulating rear touchscreen, as well as via physical control points. Video is a major part of the 80D's total package. While it cannot shoot 4K, it does offer 1080/60p capture and continuous autofocus during video. A headphone socket has been added to compliment its microphone port.

It's no secret that some Canon shooters have been frustrated as of late, as Sony's sensor technology marches ahead in terms of dynamic range. Fortunately, the 80D marks a significant step forward in Canon's sensor development, offering much better DR than the 70D or 7D Mark II. But the new sensor isn't interesting just because of the pictures it can capture. Dual Pixel AF not only allows for continuous focus during video capture, but during still capture (in live view mode) as well. We first saw this feature in the Rebel T6s and it is exciting to see it now making its way up Canon's food chain to enthusiast-level cameras.

Suddenly I thought what DPR rating for this camera ! I m shocked to see silver award to this largest selling camera from canon ! It deserve a GOLD AWARD, this camera does best what it can ! Still after 3 years it is one the best still camera and still selling very well . please change its rating to GOLD , in technical tests it may lag behind in a few parameters but in real world it is KING !

I bought the 80D as it uses the same batteries and lenses as my 5D3. I got the flat 24mm f/2.8 and the new Sigma Zoom 17-300mm which seemed like the single lens solution for my travels. Time will tell.My experience is positive.I have shot with my "L" lenses and it is impossible to tell which picture comes from the 5D3 and which one from the 80D without the info panel. this is on the laptop screen only, thus far.The touch focusing and the tap shooting is very nice and inconspicuous.I have not tested the accuracy with a wide open f/1.2 yet. The Sigma 30mm f/1.4 seems to hit it once narrowed to 2.8.One can clearly feel the progress between the philosophies of the 5D3 and the 80D.You are "for real" with the 5D3 while the 80D seems more like playing a game.Which is all about the "shooting experience" and has nothing to do with the pictures you get.In short, I feel I made a good deal, especially as the salesman in HongKong made me a price I could not turn down.So far, very happy.

I was reading this post for a year now and finally bought Canon 80D three weeks ago. I am using Sigma 18-35 1.8 ART, old Sigma 50mm 1.4 and Canon 100mm 2.8 Macro lenses. Everything works great except old Sigma 50mm 1.4 in Live View is studdering/hunting little bit in live view. I had Canon 600D and I can confirm that Canon 80D is excellent camera for enthusisast photographers. Image quality (I shoot RAW) is much better, dynamic range, high iso, auto focus, too keep it short everything is great. Regarding these small differences in image quality between Sony, Nikon and Canon, in real world nobody can see it except DPR readers. I droped on the floor my Canon 600D, plastic on the side was broken, but camera is still working today. In my opinion durabilty and built quality is very imortant and nobody is refering to that, especially if you are shooting on the budget. This is why I chose Canon. Ther is more than 20 or 30 years of R&D behind Canon DSLR and you can feel it when you using one.

yes build quality of canon is very good, my sony p92 stopped working without any reason and the service centre was asking for repair charge which is more than the prevailing price of camera ! I stopped buying sony .

For video work these days (and even stills with the live view) I'd go Canon for the amazing dual pixel autofocus, but that's the only reason. However, if you already have lenses for one or the other, stick with that.

@ WaqasilyasNobody cares. Every camera has one feature or capability that is a little better than another camera. I could give you several reasons why my EM10 is better than a D750 - but it doesn't matter, the reasons I give might not be relevant to anyone else just as your post doesn't matter to me or most people. Comparing cameras as ISO12800 is just plain worthless to me because I would never use that setting in any circumstance and I've never seen a picture taken by anyone at that setting that I thought looked anything other than poor and uninteresting.I care more about the usability of the camera, the features that will allow me to do what I want and do it quickly. You can keep your little D3300, I'm picking up the 80D and will enjoy having a much more capable, far superior camera in every way that matters for me and the things I shoot.

A month ago i bought a canon 80d after close examining both the d7200 and 80d in a shop at Athens . The grip , controls and quality of the 80d is FANTASTIC . The d7200 looks and feels cheaper and older.I was surprised after touching holding and pressing the shutterbuttons and the main control dials of both ofthem , how much nicer the 80d grip and controls feel compared to the d7200. That is the main reason why i changed my mind after holding bothof them simultaneously and bought 80d in December 2016 .

So far i have taken 1300 pictures and some videos fromthe canon camera , and i am more than satisfied with the imageQUALITY , both jpeg and raw. The autofocus is instant for both stills andvideos with either the vf or the lv. The only thing idon't like is the auto tracking ability of subjects through the vf. The good news is that tracking through the lv isawesome.

2 words: nano usm. Hope canon will redo the entire basic line with this superb AF Motors! On the 80D it is incredibly fast. Even on the basic SL1 the speed and quality of AF is great. No hunting and no Noise! Go Canon.

I am a Sony and Nikon shooter, but I've always wanted a Canon, too. My first Canons were a bunch of FD lenses, which work so beautifully with the focus peaking on my daughter's (a pro photographer) Sony A7. Then I bought an EF-S 24mm/f2.8 lens adapted on my Sony A5100; a brilliant lens for the price. Now, I am a happy owner of my first photo printer Canon SELPHY CP1200 (4x6") with wifi and battery, now I have a brilliantly mobile printing station. The fully articulating touch screen with no-hunting touch-to-focus, direct wifi photo printing from 80D, as well as in camera editing would make the 80D perfect for my photography/videography style. Unlike my Nikon Df, the 80D has no in-camera Straightening, though, unfortunately. If only all the features of the 80D were included in a small EOS-M body! The bulk of DSLRs is what I try to avoid; the full-frame Nikon Df is the only DSLR I have. Nevertheless, the 80D is a decent camera, and if I could live with its size, I'd go for it.

I only brought it up since the specs make it seem like an 80D in a small package. BTW the screen does tilt. However, I do get your point. My fav camera of all time is the Asahi Pentax 6x7. 6x7 is the ideal negative size proportion for enlarging. Loved it. Keep hav'n fun!

I'm planning to upgrade my body from my Canon 1100D which I have been using for 3 years.. I want to have better iso performance and better focus tracking abilities. I'm not interested in the video features. As far as I have researched, Canon 7D mark ii is the better choice. But, I cannot afford one. So, will I be happy with a 70D or get the 80D??

My exact situation, current camera (1100D/T3) and camera choices. I recently picked up canon's 10-18mm ultra-wide lens. Setting my savings back $300. Having done so I've now come to the conclusion that an articulating screen would be extremely handy for unique angles with the ultra-wide lens. Particularly the low angle shots. I had my mind set to save for the 7DmkII. But realized I really don't need 10 fps. 7 is plenty. I did rent 7DmkII once and never shot more than 6 fps. So I know I don't need 10. Started looking into the 70D again. Then decided to read more about the 80D, and that's what I'm going with. Mainly for the 45 AF points and the higher DR! Like you I also don't care much about video.

You won't get a very noticeable upgrade on iso performance, if you shoot RAW going from a 1100D to a 70D. I have a personal experience in that, i've made the same upgrade. In fact if you see the images at 100%, pixel by pixel you may find the 70D having a slightly worse performance because it has more megapixels. But obviously after resizing the photo to the same size, the 70D will be slightly better. In jpeg, the multiple exposure noise reduction can really give you miracles, high iso shots are pretty clean. However you can use that for static subjects only.If you lift the shadows a lot the 70D is better. And for what i've read the 80D is much better in that.As for the focus tracking abilities, the 70D is 2 steps above. It's so much faster. The 1100d's center point was the only worthwhile using , the 70D af points are all very good.

Did you try just to change the extension from mov to avi for example? Some of my software rejects H264 mov files only because of extension, not looking for real video properties. As for my gadjets, they OK even with 100Mbps mov files

2) On the bright side, it appears that my problems playing them on my 32 bit Windows XP Pro machine, which used to require the use of the $30 CoreCodec on-the-fly transcoder to get them to play - which only worked with Windows Media Player - have gone away now that I'm running 64 bit Win 7 Pro: even after uninstalling CoreCodec and rebooting, they now play in all my media players: WMP, VLC, Quicktime, and the Dum Pot Player (a very lightweight WMP type program). 041b061a72


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