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Casino Royale Dual Audio Eng-hindi 720p Movies

one of the major problems in the original $50 dvd set was a significant drop in sharpness in some scenes. this is a problem that seems to be associated with 3d signals, though i don't recall seeing this with previous blu-ray releases, which must include 3d also. this isn't the first time 'casino royale' has been re-released in 2d, however. back in 2007, the movie was released in 2d and in a single-disc dvd and in a two-disc laserdisc set from warner home video. the 2d version includes a significantly reduced amount of theatrical-style bonus features, and is quite a bit shorter than the 4:3 theatrical cut.

casino royale dual audio eng-hindi 720p movies

the 2d edition of the movie on the dvd set and the 2d 'casino royale' laserdisc set both received the theatrical edit of the movie, including the well-developed plot and cool british accents in the housekeeping scenes that were absent from the single-disc dvd. the 2d set is significantly shorter than the theatrical release, as well.

just as 'goldfinger' revitalized the bond film, as 'from russia with love' cleaned up the '60s franchise, and as 'dr. no' re-established 007 as a truly great character, 'casino royale' will probably go down as the real start of the modern bond film. it's a genre-defining achievement, made up of subtle shifts in mood, technique, and tone, which still seems as relevant and fresh as it was three years ago as it washes over the viewer, an idiosyncratic, restless, charismatic experience that continually lifts the bar of what one expects from the whole bond world. it's not perfect -- the female character is a bit of a disappointment, but for once, we get to know a bond girl who isn't helpless -- although that could be a function of the fact that she's in the last really good film in the series, but if so, the filmmakers figured they'd better use up that one to the fullest, given their apparent motivation for playing her so one-dimensional. and the movie doesn't entirely deliver on those premises. 'casino royale' is about bond and his work, it's true, but it's about a lot more, and there's an obvious cinematic ambition at work. we're looking at a movie that wants to be taken as seriously as any of the marvel and star wars movies, which would make this by far the most important bond movie ever made if it could at least pull it off. fortunately, it can.


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