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Buy Virtual Credit Card

A Virtual Card is a digital payment card that provides you online access to a 16-digit card number, CVV and expiry date. A virtual card saves space in your wallet, protects your bank- or credit card details and gives you control over your spending.

buy virtual credit card

Getsby (Vendelseweg 49, 3905 LB Veenendaal, The Netherlands) disseminates Getsby Mastercard debit cards issued by the DiPocket Limited (Suite 532, Metal Box Factory, 30 Great Guildford Street, London, SE1 0HS, UK) and DiPocket UAB (Upes st. 23, 08128 Vilnius, Lithuania), which are electronic money institutions authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 (900439) and Bank of Lithuania under the Electronic Money Institution (license number 75) respectively. Getsby debit cards are issued by DiPocket pursuant to a license by Mastercard International. Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circles' design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.

If you make Apple Card your default card in Wallet, it's automatically selected when you use Apple Pay. This also makes Apple Card your preferred card for the App Store, Apple Music, and other Apple services.

If you need to give a card number when you check out online or in stores where Apple Pay isn't accepted, you can find your virtual card number in the Wallet app. If you use Apple Card Family2 and you share your account with a co-owner3, you each have your own virtual card number.

Virtual cards allow you to minimize the amount of personally identifiable information (PII) you share with places you buy at. Historically, virtual cards provided by banks have been difficult and clunky to transact with; however, new providers have made virtual cards simple and easy to use. We believe virtual credit cards and virtual debit cards are now valuable tools in protecting your privacy and security without compromising convenience.

A virtual card, sometimes called a temporary card number or anonymous card number, is a credit or debit card number that can be created through a website or mobile app, and does not come with a physical card. Virtual cards can be utilized for most online purchases to mask your personal and financial information. Oftentimes, you can set a maximum spend or charge limit on the virtual card to prevent yourself from being overcharged. Some virtual cards will also lock to a merchant to prevent the card from being used elsewhere if the merchant is breached.

A virtual card is a unique, 16-digit payment card number with a CVV and expiration date that is created instantly through a website or mobile app. Virtual cards function just like a credit or debit card but without the physical card, and can be used for online shopping, over the phone purchases, or any transaction that requires entering a card number.Many users may think of virtual cards as burner cards that can be used for quick, one-time purchases. However, Privacy's virtual cards offer more enhanced security features and unlock more use cases than a simple burner card.With Privacy Cards, you can set maximum spend limits on virtual cards to prevent being overcharged. Privacy Cards will also lock to a merchant to prevent the card from being used elsewhere if the merchant is breached. Lastly, Privacy's virtual cards can be paused or closed at any time, with just a few clicks.

You may wonder how to get virtual cards from a company like The entire process is handled online. This means you don't have to fill out lengthy paper documents or go to a physical location in person. In addition, no credit check is required to open or use a Privacy account. Signing up for a virtual card service requires some personal information so that the virtual card issuer can complete a mandatory verification procedure called Know Your Customer (KYC) in accordance with anti-money laundering laws. You can learn more about how to get started using Privacy Cards on our website and blog.

Safety and security are very important to virtual card providers (after all, greater security is one of the main reasons users sign up for the service in the first place). For Privacy specifically, we undergo rigorous internal and third-party audits and hold ourselves to the same rigorous PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) requirements as your bank or credit union.

Some virtual card providers charge fees for every card you create or a monthly fee to use their service. Other virtual card providers may also charge fees for each purchase made with the cards. In contrast,'s core plan is completely free to use on all domestic purchases. We make money off of interchange - the fee that the merchant pays for accepting a debit or credit card - and we will never sell your personal data.

A virtual card is a digital card that only exists on your phone, which is why at Wise, our virtual card feature is called the Wise digital card. Get all the benefits of the Wise card - spend online, in-store and abroad while saving on currency conversion fees, with the extra layer of security of the Wise digital card.

Some prepaid virtual cards can come with different fees such as initial load fees, reload fees, service and inactivity fees. The Wise virtual debit card allows you to add money to your card without fees by sending it through your bank, and you can then spend in any available currency using the mid-market exchange rate.

Virtual credit card numbers are a convenient way to make credit card purchases online. You may see them called virtual credit cards or virtual card numbers, and they allow you to shop online without giving merchants your actual card number.

One way to get virtual card numbers from Capital One is from Eno. Eno allows you to shop online without giving merchants your actual card number. And everything is fully integrated with your existing Capital One credit card account.

As identity theft continues to plague credit card holders, virtual card numbers can provide some peace of mind without complicating the payment process. Virtual card numbers are temporary card numbers associated with a credit card account for use online to make those transactions more secure. Virtual card numbers offer individuals and businesses an alternative and streamlined way to pay merchants.

Virtual card numbers are similar to physical credit cards, but exist only in a virtual form. Unlike physical cards, a virtual card becomes available for customer use immediately after generating and assigning a random 16-digit number as it is associated with an already-existing credit card account. This offers customers another kind of security by protecting information directly linked to bank accounts and smoothing out cash flow delays or unexpected funding hiccups for both individuals and businesses.

The main downside to a virtual credit card is that it can usually only be used online, so it is not usable in all scenarios. However, in some cases virtual card numbers can be used over the telephone.

An upside to consider in the non-physical aspect of these cards is that less plastic circulates as people accumulate cards for different uses. Individuals and businesses can link a group of virtual card numbers to a central debit, credit or charge account and avoid excessive collection or distribution of plastic cards. This eliminates the fear of losing or misplacing physical cards, leaves space in your wallet and reduces the detrimental effect human development of plastic has on the environment.

Digital payments are becoming increasingly prevalent and virtual card numbers present one way to manage funds and purchases with enhanced spending controls and reporting tools while minimizing security risks from both ends of a transaction. Virtual card technology can lead to fewer fraud charge claims. Those learning how to build credit, such as younger family members, may benefit from using these types of cards when transacting online.

Businesses using virtual card numbers can also manage cash flow faster and make payments to employees, business partners and vendors more smoothly. In addition, traditional credit cards can be costly to operate as physical equipment is required to process a payment. Plus, the processing equipment machine may be more vulnerable to tampering and malfunction.

Depending on your bank or card issuer, it may be possible to request a virtual card number using your online account management site. Through your existing account, you can also request spending caps on any virtual card number you receive, and custom expiration dates to protect from misuse, fraud or overspending.

Similar to how a virtual card number is associated with an existing credit card number, this payment token consists of its own unique number which customers can use to make purchases without providing any real account information. Tokens also maintain account privacy and prevent duplication or reuse of payment information by a third party. This type of payment technology also offers reporting and spending controls.

As an example, a consumer using virtual card technology could create unique Citi Virtual Account Numbers for each of his or her most frequently used smartphone payment apps. With this, the consumer could ultimately keep all payment numbers accessible in one place to more easily track app purchases. This might be especially useful for a family operating from shared payment methods on multiple devices.

Citi Virtual Account Numbers, Wells Fargo Digital Wallet and Click To Pay from Visa, Mastercard and American Express are all examples of providers for single- or multi-use virtual card numbers. Both single- and multi-use virtual card numbers can be used to prevent fraud, so this benefit is available no matter which kind you choose.

Single-use cards are as they sound: Available for one use towards an online purchase or to carry out an ATM cash withdrawal. Multi-use cards can be used as a designated payment method for a frequently visited vendor. This makes personal purchase tracking much easier and maintains privacy by containing consumer history exposure to a specific company or merchant. 041b061a72


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