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This article illustrates correlations that sexologists made betweenprostitutes and lesbians in the nineteenth- and twentieth-century UnitedStates. Examining medical writing and sexological discourse in boththe United States and abroad, the author creates a tentative frameworkin which to understand shifts between 1840 and 1940 in sexologists'specific concerns and questions about prostitutes and lesbiansas well as changes in sexological research methodologies and socialand medical explanations for relationships among these two groups of"deviant"women. Ultimately, however, the article concludes thatsexologists--and society's--underlying fears about female sexualdeviance remained static, fueling continued discussion about potentialparallels between prostitutes and lesbians in the mid- to late twentiethcentury.

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3. The word whore is an insult to all women, commonly, like the word dyke. When I use it here, I do not mean it in that way, although I am not attempting to reclaim it as dyke has been reclaimed by some lesbians. I use it because I want my readers to occasionally feel the feelings associated with it; I also think that no one has the right to use the word whore unless that person has been one of us. And then, only carefully.

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I would like to talk about the connection between welfare reform "as we know it," and the potential for increased state support for the prostitution of women. In particular, I would like to discuss the work requirements found in both federal and state welfare reform statutory schemes. I worry that these work requirements will sanction the prostitution of poor women, particularly poor women of color, lesbians, and other women with children who are already forced to live their lives at the economic and social margins of society. I worry that the work requirements found in the new welfare regime will encourage the state to push more women into prostitution or other forms of legalized sex-work under the guise of prostitution and other sex-work as "legitimate work." In this essay, I would like to argue that one of the results of the restructuring of welfare is the institutionalization of the state as a pimp or as the procurer of women for prostitution. To this end, I would like to talk briefly about the structure of the welfare reform, it's requirement that every "abled-body" adult engage in waged labor, and the stereotyping of poor women vis a vis their sexuality and their work ethic; I would like to discuss, again briefly, the structure of prostitution (and other sex-work) in this country, precisely I want to talk about the conditions under which prostituted women "work"; and finally I want to argue that prostitution isn't "work", and that by normalizing the idea that prostitution is "work," we participate in pushing more poor women into the prostitution and sex-work industry through the vehicle of the welfare reform mandates. 041b061a72


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