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Create and Download Multiple Choice Quizzes for Free with This Online Tool

Multiple Choice Quiz Maker Free Download: How to Create and Share Quizzes Online

Quizzes are a great way to test your knowledge, learn new things, or have some fun with your friends. But creating and sharing quizzes can be time-consuming and challenging, especially if you don't have the right tools. That's why you need a multiple choice quiz maker that lets you create and share quizzes online with ease.

multiple choice quiz maker free download


What is a multiple choice quiz maker?

A multiple choice quiz maker is a software or web application that allows you to create quizzes with multiple choice questions. You can choose from different question types, formats, and styles, and add images, videos, audio, or other media to make your quizzes more engaging. You can also customize the appearance and layout of your quizzes, and add your own logo or branding.

Why use a multiple choice quiz maker?

Using a multiple choice quiz maker has many benefits, such as:

  • It saves you time and effort. You don't have to write your own questions, design your own quiz layout, or print out paper copies. You can create quizzes online in minutes and share them with your audience instantly.

  • It increases engagement and participation. You can make your quizzes more interactive and fun by adding media, power-ups, themes, and memes. You can also gamify your quizzes by adding points, badges, leaderboards, or timers.

  • It improves learning and feedback. You can use quizzes to assess your students' or trainees' knowledge, skills, or attitudes. You can also use quizzes to provide instant feedback, explanations, or hints to help them learn better. You can also analyze the results of your quizzes to identify gaps, strengths, or areas for improvement.

How to choose a multiple choice quiz maker

Features to look for in a quiz maker

There are many quiz makers available online, but not all of them are created equal. Here are some features that you should look for when choosing a quiz maker:

Question types and formats

The first thing you should consider is the variety and flexibility of the question types and formats that the quiz maker offers. You want to be able to create quizzes that suit your purpose, topic, and audience. Some common question types are:

  • Multiple choice: The most popular question type, where the user has to choose one or more correct answers from a list of options.

  • Fill in the blank: The user has to type in the missing word or phrase in a sentence or paragraph.

  • Reorder: The user has to arrange a set of items in a specific order, such as chronological, alphabetical, or numerical.

  • Match: The user has to match pairs of items from two lists, such as words and definitions, images and labels, or terms and concepts.

  • Drag and drop: The user has to drag items from one area and drop them into another area, such as categories, groups, or locations.

  • Poll: The user has to answer a question based on their opinion or preference, such as rating something on a scale or choosing between options.

  • Open ended: The user has to write a short or long answer in their own words.

You should also consider the format and style of the questions, such as:

  • Single answer or multiple answer: Whether the user can select only one correct answer or more than one correct answer from the options.

  • Single Single choice or multiple choice: Whether the user can select only one option or more than one option from the list.

  • Horizontal or vertical: Whether the options are displayed horizontally or vertically on the screen.

  • Image or text: Whether the options are images or text, or a combination of both.

  • Random or fixed: Whether the order of the options is randomized or fixed for each user.

Customization and design options

The next thing you should consider is the level of customization and design options that the quiz maker offers. You want to be able to create quizzes that match your brand, style, and theme. Some customization and design options are:

Create a quiz online for free with Canva

Quizizz: Free online quiz maker with different question types

Jotform: Build interactive multiple choice quizzes without coding

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Quiz Maker: Make a Quiz Online for Free Canva We use essential cookies to make Canva work. Wed like to use other cookies to improve and personalize your visit, tailor ads you see from us on Canva and partner sites, and to analyze our websites performance, but only if you accept. See \"do not sell or share my data\" for more information, or read our cookie policy. Accept all cookies Home Create Quizzes Free Quiz Maker Make a quiz Easy to create and customize Beautifully designed templates Professionally designed and formatted Easily download or share Make learning fun for your students, trainees, and attendees with a modern take on quizzes. Skip the pen and paper and make a quiz using Canva's free quiz maker, complete with tools and quiz templates you can use for free. Quiz your audience Although quizzes are commonly associated with school, theyre not limited to the four walls of the classroom. From lecture halls to Zoom meetings, quizzes increase audience participation and keep listeners interested throughout a talk or training session. So give your students or attendees an interactive quiz that will create an engaging learning experience. Make your own quiz in an instant using Canvas easy-to-use quiz generator. Begin with our free, customizable quiz presentation templates and add the questions and answers. Drag and drop embellishments available in our extensive library or add your own photos and illustrations. Within minutes, you'll have a fun quiz that your students will enjoy. How to make a quiz Open Canva Launch Canva and search Quiz presentation to begin. Select a quiz template Browse our collection of ready-made quiz presentation templates. Pick one and customize it. If you want to make a quiz presentation from scratch, you can use our templates as a design guide or inspiration. Customize your design Change the content and add your quiz questions and answers. Choose a new font and switch up the text colors. Then customize any of the graphic design elements and put photos for clues or hints to your test questions. Our extensive library has lots of stock photos, vectors, icons, and illustrations you can use. Add more embellishments Take your quiz up a notch by adding audio and stock footage from our media library. Simply drag and drop the ones you want to use in your test. Try out our fun transitions and animations, too. Save or present your quiz Download your work as a PDF or MP4. Or present it directly from your dashboard. You can also share your quiz with colleagues via email or social media. Make a quiz Choose from diverse quiz templates Whether you're an educator, event host, or facilitator, you'll find a quiz template that matches the topic of your test. Use our filters to organize the designs according to theme or style. Or better yet, filter them according to the topic. Besides math, science, and geography tests, our quiz presentations also feature templates for spelling bees, quiz bees, and even event icebreakers. Create trivia quizzes, make playful personality tests, or present brain teasers and riddles that will warm them up before the event.","With our free quiz maker, you can combine different questionnaires in one presentation, like modified true or false, enumeration, fill-in-the-blank, multiple choice, or make it fun by using a word search type of quiz. Want to make social media quizzes for your brand?"],"url":"[1]("},{"title":"Free Online Quiz Maker - Create Quizzes in Minutes","snippets":["Free Online Quiz Maker - Create Quizzes in Minutes For Work For Teachers Schools & Districts NEW Plans Free online quiz maker Make a quiz with different question types to engage students in a classroom, train employees at work, or play trivia with friends. Create a quiz Used by 50 million+ people around the world Make your own quiz with our online quiz maker Quickly and easily create interactive online quizzes for free! With Quizizz, you can create a quiz that boosts engagement and participation with just a few clicks. Whether youre looking to create a homework assignment for Math class, or an

  • Color and font: You can choose the color and font of your quiz, such as the background, text, buttons, and icons.

  • Logo and images: You can add your own logo and images to your quiz, such as the header, footer, or background.

  • Layout and size: You can adjust the layout and size of your quiz, such as the number of columns, rows, or pages.

  • Theme and template: You can choose from different themes and templates for your quiz, such as educational, business, or fun.

Integration and sharing capabilities

The third thing you should consider is the integration and sharing capabilities that the quiz maker offers. You want to be able to integrate your quiz with other platforms and tools, and share your quiz with your audience easily. Some integration and sharing capabilities are:

Email and social media: You can send your quiz to your email list or share it on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Lin


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