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Buying Hair Extensions For The First Time

It is certainly possible to dye or color your hair extensions. However, it is advised to have a professional to do this for you if you are a first-timer or not very experienced with the entire process.

buying hair extensions for the first time

There are many different kinds of human hair extensions with each having different costs as well as installation methods which can increase the total price. As far as human hair extensions go, one should expect to spend at least $100 or 200 for extensions which can easily be installed by the wearer themselves without the help of a professional.

If you have any further questions regarding hair extensions, please feel free to contact one of our Superhairpieces reps today at 1-866-814-7879 or email us at

We highly recommend the Girl + Hair collection, which works perfectly with extensions. Each clarifying and nourishing formula is conveniently designed with a nozzle applicator that allows the low-viscosity formulas to flow through a specially designed nozzle tip into the hair and onto the scalp.

Purple shampoo is the most often used product when it comes to tone the hair. Unfortunately, some first-time users may mistake applying the toner directly to the extensions or leaving the toner on longer than necessary.

The most popular process of removing toner from your hair is to wash it multiple times with a clarifying shampoo. This shampoo will remove the artificial color of your hair. Unlike other toning removal products, it does not contain ammonia or peroxide ingredients, which could permanently damage the real human hair tape-in extensions.

Shampoo your hair just like you would normally. If, after the first wash, you still have toner in your hair, keep using the dandruff shampoo until the toned color recedes. Since sulfates can also make your hair dry, you should follow it up with a deep conditioning treatment as well.

Make sure to send personalized messages regularly. Everlywell does this beautifully, sending personalized emails that offer new products or sales to its list. Making additional product recommendations and sending invitations for upcoming sales and promotions for new products are great ways to keep the conversation going with first-time buyers.

Knowing this, Luxy could set up a series of automated emails to go out after three months, six months, and one year that explain to customers the benefits of a fresh set of hair extensions. These emails would help educate a first-time buyer, keep Luxy top of mind, and encourage repeat business, all while providing customers with a great experience.

In all of your post-sale marketing communications, remember to remind customers of why they bought from your brand in the first place. Getting them to come back rests on your ability to show them why an additional purchase is worth their time and money.

Dia & Co is a clothing brand that specializes in creating clothes for plus-size women. After Dia & Co began its most recent referral program, its referral links were shared over 50,000 times. Forty thousand customers shared those links, and in the first month, the program saw about 22 conversions per day.

If this is your first time purchasing Adored Signature Hair Extensions, you must purchase and view our Curly, Beachwave and Subtle Body Hair Extensions Styling and Care Tutorials Videos. When you purchase the videos you will also receive our Beauty Box which contains every product you will need to properly style and care for the extensions.

EXCHANGESYou have 30 days to exchange an item from the day you received it. Please email or call 630-936-9831 with order number and inform us which item you want to exchange for.

While scrolling through Instagram or TikTok, you may have noticed videos of folks running their fingers through what looks like their own hair until they reveal the tiny bundles held together by even tinier tubes at their scalps. Those are micro-links. The extensions are placed just at the roots to give you easy access to your scalp when it comes time to wash.

Though we've been seeing this style a lot on social media lately, micro-links are nothing new. Virginia-based hairstylist LaShaundra "Shauney" Harris, who has been installing the extensions for 16 years, credits social media as key to the style's increase in popularity, which she initially noticed in 2014. "When I was doing micro-links, it was a hidden secret. It was the celebrity secret," she shares. "Most people who wore micro-links didn't broadcast that they were wearing them because they look and feel so natural." Most people who wore the style back then heard about it through word of mouth or hairstylists advertising the service, according to Harris.

There are two main types of micro-link extensions: i-tips and wefts. In general, Harris classifies micro-links as "any type of [hair] extension method that is attached with a microbead or a microtube." These beads or microtubes are typically made of aluminum or copper and coated with black and brown ink so they seamlessly blend with your own hair color, she explains.

The weft method of installation involves using microbeads to attach tracks of hair to the client's head. The i-tip method, in which both Harris and Texas-based hairstylist Tomeka Gantt specialize, requires attaching small extensions or i-tipped hair to tiny sections of the client's own hair using a microbead or microtube.

If you're not used to spending a fair amount of time caring for your own hair, this probably isn't the style for you. "If you don't want to commit to maintenance or coming into the salon to make sure you're getting your hair done, then it's not the right fit for you," Gantt says.

When Harris applies the i-tip, she sections the hair 20 to 30 strands each, then slides it through the bead. Next, she'll add the hair extension and clamp it all together. In general, Harris says if the client is looking for volume and to add just a few extensions (about 75 to 100 pieces), the process can take about two to three hours. Clients looking for a full head of hair or additional length on short styles can expect to be in the chair for up to eight hours.

Harris isn't explicitly anti circular motions but says you should only do this directly at the scalp and in between the extensions. She recommends using a clarifying shampoo as well since it will thoroughly cleanse the hair. While conditioning, she suggests using a Denman brush to get through any snarls and knots in the hair.

As for products, both recommend anything that is sulfate-free. Harris also says to avoid parabens and alcohol as well because they can dry out the hair. Alcohol can also ruin the microbeads and loosen their hold. If you're looking for specific products, both stylists recommend any of Olaplex's products because they can take care of the extensions and your own hair.

As with many hair extensions, micro-links cost a pretty penny. Though it depends on the stylist, keep in mind you're paying for the hair and the service. Some stylists will offer hair while others ask you to buy your own ahead of the install appointment. The cost will ultimately depend on the length and density you desire. Harris typically charges anywhere from $750 to $850 for the service with an additional $300 to $500 for hair. Gantt's prices range $500 to $2500. TL;DR: save your coins if you plan on getting these extensions.

However you wear your hair extensions is completely up to you, but having options on hand for your next formal beauty look or daily glam is helpful. And so, here are the seven best hair extension brands to consider.

The J Tied Weft is a new weft type brought to you by JZ Styles. If you like Hand Tied Wefts- you will LOVE these! These hair extensions lay flatter, look more seamless and CAN be cut on the seam with no shedding. Stack up to 8 on one row and use with all hair types. This is the Hand Tied 2.0 and you'll never go back!

The extensions can last 9-12 months with proper hair care. Hair care instructions are provided with each extension order, found on the inside of the packaging! Most blonde extensions arrive more golden toned in the package, purple shampoo or tone with professional Demi Permanent color for the best results.

Hold the weft in one hand at the top and submerge it into the water. Gently massage the hair to create bubbles and release any dirt or oil. Do not scrub the extensions; instead, use your fingertips to massage hair, washing it thoroughly and gently. Once you are done, take out the best hair extensions and lay them on a piece of clean tin foil to let them dry.

Virgin Brazilian Luxury hair extensions are one of our most popular hair types. Our customers love this hair due to its versatility and it's ability to blend in with any hair texture This hair is perfect for coloring, bleaching, and holds curls. No Tangle, No Shedding, No Smell, Full Ends

This is nothing new. Hair has long been in global circulation and its origin has often been obscured by the time it reaches the market. As a result, descriptions of hair harvesting, whether historic or contemporary, tend to be recounted as unexpected discoveries of a secret world.

A platform is erected in the middle of the marketplace, which the young girls mount in turn, and the auctioneer extolls his merchandise, and calls for bids. One offers a couple of silk handkerchiefs, another a dozen yards of calico, a third a magnificent pair of high-heeled boots and so on. At last the hair is knocked down to the highest bidder, and the girl seats herself in a chair, and is shorn on the spot. Sometimes the parents themselves make the bargain over a bottle of wine or a mug of cider.

The outbreak of World War I heralded the end of an era of frenzied and voracious hair gathering. Wartime austerity made the wearing of fancy and voluminous hairstyles seem inappropriate. It also affected supplies of hair and labor. In France, many qualified posticheurs and coiffeurs were recruited into the army, leaving women to enter the trade for the first time. However, they lacked the skills and experience necessary for making and maintaining elaborate hair pieces. 041b061a72


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